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AggreGate Time and Attendance is a corporate employee attendance tracking system. Almost all types of modern time recorders and punch clocks using different communication protocols may be connected to the system, including RFID, magnetic card, fingerprint, biometric, keypad, PC clock, PDA clock, web clock, and other. The system may be easily adopted to the attendance control standards of different countries. Advanced multi-level organization structure and employee management along with different types of shifts allow providing a centralized attendance control for large organizations with multiple branches and departments. Scalable system architecture is designed to perform well for installations with thousands of employees and hundreds of entrance gates. AggreGate Time and Attendance includes a set of built-in attendance reports based on highly customizable rules for calculating lunch/break time, overtime, punctuality, and other stats. Employee data may be imported from third-party systems during system deployment. AggreGate Time and Attendance is based on the core of AggreGate device management platform that provides tight integration with other building management systems, such as physical access control, HVAC/lighting management, or network management.

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